Aqua aerobics

Aqua Exercise WebWater exercise classes are a great low impact activity to keep you healthy and fit. Classes are run by qualified instructors and provide a safe and gentle environment for exercise.

We have a number of different programs and class styles on offer. No matter what age or ability you are, we can provide a comprehensive workout that leaves you feeling great. We provide floatation devices, music and qualified instructors to take you through the routines.

The programs we offer are:

Aqua movers

For our over 50’s members, this low impact workout is a great way to keep fit and keep moving while having the protection and resistance of the water around you. Our qualified instructors take you through steps at a slower pace to give all participants the support they need.

Aqua Workout

This class allows you to work as hard as you like. Designed to develop fitness, tone and strength.

Deep Water Aqua

This class is an Aqua Workout undertaken completely in the deep water.  Participants must be competent in the deep water.

Xtreme Aqua

The best of Aqua Workoutwith added intensity and cardio.  Great for all round fitness and tone.