Richard and Harry - swimming stalwarts and problem solvers

  • Date: 05 September 2018
  • Category: Our Stories
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Swimming stalwarts affectionately referred to as just "Richard and Harry" are 'part of the furniture' on a Tuesday and Thursday morning at WISAC, always ready for a chat with staff members (but readily will send them away to 'do your work' when the time's up).  Recently Wangaratta Chronicle reporter Freyja Postlethwaite caught up with Richard and Harry for a chat over their 60/40 muffin.

CATCHING up twice every week for a swim and a hot chocolate is a key component of Harry Wilkinson and Richard Pomeroy’s friendship.

Although the two men had already known each other through disability support groups and other local events, their relationship began to blossom during exercise at the Wangaratta Indoor Sports and Aquatic Centre (WISAC).

Harry started to swim during the class and was delighted when the instructor asked if he’d like to move into the larger pool.  It wasn’t long before Richard joined Harry in the other pool.

“I started rehab in the pool at Faithfull Street but when that closed down I started coming down here,” Richard said.

“We met a long time before that, our paths kept crossing and now we’ll talk about anything.”

The delicious treat from the cafe was quickly incorporated into the pair’s routine.

“We both wanted to get in the pool and enjoyed havinga hot chocolate so we decided to do that together and it just worked,” Harry said.

Richard and Harry now ride their scooters to the WISAC each Tuesday and Thursday to fit in their weekly exercise and catch ups.

Cafe staff gave the two friends a muffin to share earlier this month to celebrate their upcoming birthdays. “Now, we know each other quite well and there are things about our families we can share but the main thing we share is this camaraderie,” Harry said.

“We’ve got a lot going here, we solve all the world’s problems as well – we love to think about things outside our immediate situation.

“We come from different places but we enjoy each others’ company, we’ve gotquite a few things in common.”