Pool Inflatable Hire

inflatable wang webHire Hire the Giant Pool Inflatable for your next event or special occasion - for a unique and memorable experience.

Whether its a family occasion, club or team get-together or break-up or other social event, the pool inflatable is the perfect option. Affordable and loads of fun, the pool inflatable will give your activity the excitement that will have people talking for years!

Pool Inflatable hire prices:

2 hours (minimum) $300.00 (max 25 people)

Each subsequent hour $170.00 per hour

Non-refundable deposit of $50 required upon booking. Full payment required before the day of the event

Staffing requirements mean that at least 2 weeks notice of booking is required. 48 hours notice required for cancellations of booking adjustments.

Bookings for Pool Inflatable Hire and Pool Inflatable Birthday Parties can be made by completing the form at Customer

Service or download it here