24/7 Access & Virtual Fitness

As of March 2019 the Rural City of Wangaratta and YMCA Victoria is proudly introducing '24/7 Access' for its members - providing them with the opportunity to access a workout at a time that suits them - any hour of any day.

24/7 Access will be available to all full Health and Wellness members aged 18 and over.  There is no extra cost to membership.  Those who wish to add 24/7 access to their membership will complete an induction which will cover emergency and security settings.  Inductions will be available throughout regular operating hours from 25 February 2019.

Outside of staffed hours, 24/7 access will be gained via the side door beside the netball courts.  All members will continue to use the main entrance during staffed hours.

A pull down security screen has been added in the foyer and additional security added to the aquatic and stadium areas, isolateing the areas available outside of staffed hours - which is the Gym, and Group fitness room (for virtual fitness classes only), and the changerooms.

The centre has extensive surveillance in place.

24/7 access will be available from 1 March to fully inducted members.


Why has Wangaratta YMCA introduced 24/7 gym access?
24 hour access has become an industry expectation. Having flexible choices is now a way of life, especially for time-poor people. YMCA Victoria is committed to increasing accessibility to our facilities and providing options to suit all lifestyles.

How do I gain 24/7 access to the health club?
A 24/7 induction must be completed in person. Upon completion of the induction, you will be provided with a wristband that replaces your regular membership card. For entry outside of staffed hours you tap on the scanner at the specially designated 24/7 entrance at the side of the centre. This access point will only be used outside of staffed hours.

Which memberships include the ability to gain 24/7 access?
24/7 access can be obtained on Health & Wellness memberships (some conditions apply). 24/7 access is not available on Aquatic Memberships, Older Adults memberships or Teen Gym members. Members must be aged over 18 years.

What facilities will I have access to outside of regular staffed hours?
The facilities available include the gym, group fitness room (for ‘on-demand’ virtual group fitness classes) and change rooms.

Can the pools and stadium be used 24/7?
No, the pools and stadium cannot be used outside of regular staffed hours.

What safety measures are in place for members using the facilities during non-staffed hours?
A security surveillance system is in place, duress buttons and personal lanyards are provided for use in an emergency, and a first aid station is provided. The member induction process explains safety and emergency procedures.

Will the introduction of 24/7 access increase my membership fees, or is there an additional cost?
There will be no increases to membership prices related to 24/7 health club access.

What if I don’t want 24/7 access?
You don’t need to do anything. Just continue using your membership within regular opening hours.


As at February 2019, we are experiencing internet speed issues which will not enable Virtual Group fitness classes to run effectively.  We are working with providers to rectify the situation and hope to have Virtual Fitness classes available soon.