Public Holidays

Hours of operation and class details during the AFL Grand Final Weekend

AFL Grand Final Weekend 27 September - 29 September 2019

Hours of operation and class details 

Friday 27th September, 2019 (Public Holiday)

Open: 8.30am – 5pm
No Creche
No Swim Lessons
No Aqua Classes
9.30am Body Pump 
10.45am Spin

Saturday 28th September, 2019

Open 8am – 5.00pm
8am G.R.I.T
8.30am Spin
8.35am Body Step
9.35am Body Pump
Swim Lessons as normal

Sunday 29th September, 2019
Open 8.30am – 7.00pm
9am Body Pump
4.30pm Top Ride

5.40pm Body Balance
Swim Lessons as normal 

Inducted 24/7 members can acces the gym and Virtual fitness outside of these hours.

During the Winter months (commencing Saturday 8 June) the Wangaratta Indoor Sports & Aquatic Centre closes at 5.00pm on Saturdays.

All other regular hours of operation remain the same.